A Command Line Change Filename Utility

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WHAT IS FileCase?

FileCase - Procon's Command Line Filename Changer - is a Windows' Console program designed to simplify mass changes to text case of the names and/or extensions of sets of files.

FileCase is particularly useful for programmers, web designers and system administrators - who may have to enforce uniformity in the names or extensions of large groups of files to ensure that they sort correctly, or are correctly referenced in case sensitive operating systems and websites.

FileCase allows you to:-


FileCase FileSpec(s) [Switches]

  FileSpec = the target File(s).
  (The target may contain multiple files or wildcards.)

Optional Switches:

  /F (or /FILENAME)     = Base Filename only
  /E (or /EXTENSION)    = Extension only

  /L (or /LOWERCASE)    = To lowercase
  /T (or /TITLECASE)    = To Title Case
  /S (or /SENTENCECASE) = To Sentence case

  /R (or /RECURSE)      = Recurse Subdirectories

  /? (or /HELP)         = a HELP screen

Switches may be abbreviated to just one character.
Default action is to UPPER CASE both the FileName AND Extension.


FileCase *.HTM   (UPPER case names and extensions of .htm files)
FileCase E:\DOWNLOAD\*.TXT /LOWER   (Lower case Full Filenames)
FileCase *.htm;*.xml /lower /ext   (Lower case File Extensions only)
FileCase cust*.htm /Titlecase /F   (Title case Filename only)
FileCase *.c,*.h,*.cpp /L /E /RECURSE   (Lowercase file extensions)


This program uses several Windows' DLL files. If these are not present you will get an error message indicating which DLL is missing.

If this occurs, download the required DLLs from the links given in:-


Use this utility at your own risk! If you do not understand

you can only cause yourself grief!.


FileCase /Help
shows a help screen and program version number.

Download the latest version of FileCase from Procon's Website.

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All Rights Reserved