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HVLJFont for Laserjet Printers - Soft Fonts for LaserJet Printers

Laser Printer Soft Fonts

MS-DOS, Unix, Linux, IBM's eServer iSeries (AS/400), etc. - and Window's terminal programs - do not use the Windows scalable font system for printing. They rely on fonts resident in the printer.

Laser printers typically have several "built-in" hardware fonts. Some printers can then scale these fonts to produce different point sizes.

The quality of these fonts is usually better than those produced by the Windows Graphical Device Interface. However:-

not all printers can scale fonts,
often only a few font types and/or sizes are provided, and
the fixed pitch fonts are usually thin, "spidery" and hard to read.

Fortunately most printers support Hewlett Packard's "Printer Control Language" (PCL). This allows you to "load" additional bitmapped soft fonts into printer memory and access them from your software applications.

How do I Get More Printer Soft Fonts?

HVFont - Procon's High Visibility Font PROCON's Hi-Visibility Font is available in Hewlett Packard PCL format for use on compatible printers.

A printout of some sample text using some of the HVLJFonts might look like this:-

HVFont for HP Laserjets (Sample Text)

The Licenced version of the HVLJFont Soft Fonts for Laser Printers package includes 19 different sizes ranging from a miniscule 50 cpi, 3 points to a large 8.33 cpi, 17 points. This allows you to print large reports and tables on standard paper with the high legibility that the HVFont produces.

Click here to download an Evaluation version of the HVLJFonts package. (The Evaluation version has a subset of four of these fonts.)

Click here to purchase licences for PROCON's HVFont packages. 

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