DLLs Required to run PROCON's Console Mode Utilities

Most of PROCON's Console Mode Utilities use - but do not include - the following 32 bit Windows' Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files:-

kernel32.dll  - a Windows DLL (always present)
advapi32.dll  - Microsoft's API library
mfc42.dll     - Microsoft's MFC v4.2 library
msvcrt.dll    - Microsoft's CRT support
msvcp60.dll   - Microsoft's VC support

These DLLs may already be installed in your Windows' System directory. If not, you will have to download the files and install them before the program will run.

To download the DLLs:-


Go to: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/search.asp?
Click "
Keyword Search" and type in "libraries update".
In the Operating System box, choose the appropriate Windows version.
Under "
Show Results For", select "All Downloads", and "Find It!".
Under Title, click "
Microsoft Libraries Update Web link".
Follow the instructions to download and install the files;


Go to: http://www.dll-files.com and search for - and download - each of the DLLs. (This is usually quicker than the Microsoft website.)